Katita Waldo

Ballet Master/Repetiteur at San Francisco Ballet

  • style
  • Classical Ballet
  • level
  • Advanced Pointe Advanced/Professional
  • location
  • San Francisco, USA
  • speaks
  • English Spanish
  • price per class
  • 100 USD



Born in Madrid, Spain, Katita Waldo trained at Escuela de Danza Classica, North Carolina School of the Arts, Washington Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet School. After joining San Francisco Ballet in 1988, she was promoted to soloist in 1990 and to principal dancer in 1994. Waldo’s lead roles include Odette/Odile in Tomasson’s Swan Lake, Myrtha in Tomasson’s Giselle, Aurora in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty, and Grand Pas de Deux Ballerina in Tomasson’s Nutcracker; Sylph in Bournonville’s La Sylphide; and Desdemona and Emilia in Lubovitch’s Othello. She created roles in Lubovitch’s Elemental Brubeck, Tomasson’s Tuning Game and The Fifth Season, and Wheeldon’s Quaternary and Within the Golden Hour, and Renato Zanella’s Underskin among others. Waldo’s repertory also includes principal roles in Balanchine’s Prodigal Son, Concerto Barocco, Apollo, Bugaku, and Theme and Variations; Forsythe’s Artifact Suite, The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, and in the middle, somewhat elevated; Morris’ Maelstrom, Sandpaper Ballet, and Pacific; Possokhov’s Magrittomania, Damned, Study in Motion, and Reflections; Robbins’ The Cage, The Concert, West Side Story Suite, and Dances at a Gathering; Welch’s Tu Tu, Falling, and Naked; and Wheeldon’s Continuum, Polyphonia, and Rush. She received Isadora Duncan Dance Awards for best ensemble performance in 2001 and 2002. A frequent guest teacher and guest artist, she served as Yuri Possokhov’s ballet mistress/assistant in staging Magrittomania at the Bolshoi Ballet in 2004 and as choreographer’s assistant for Christopher Wheeldon’s Misericors, which he created for the Bolshoi Ballet in 2007. In 2010, Waldo was appointed ballet master. In 2013, she came out of retirement to perform the roll of Stepmother in the San Francisco Ballet premiere of Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella.


Escuela de Danza Classica

North Carolina School of the Arts Washington Ballet

San Francisco Ballet School


Named Apprentice in 1987

Joined the Company as a member of the Corps de Ballet in 1988 Promoted to Soloist in 1990

Promoted to Principal Dancer in 1994

Named Ballet Master 2010


• Odette/Odile in Swan Lake (Tomasson)

• Myrtha in Giselle (Tomasson)

• Aurora and Enchanted Princess in The Sleeping Beauty (Tomasson)

• The Sylph in La Sylphide (Bournonville)

• Mercedes, Street Woman, Gypsy Queen, and Queen of the Driads in Don Quixote (Tomasson/Possokhov)

• Desdemona and Emilia in Othello (Lubovitch)

• Romeo and Juliet (Smuin)

• Sugar Plum Fairy, Grand Pas de Deux Ballerina, and Snow Queen in Nutcracker (Tomasson)

• Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, and Butterfly in Nutcracker (Christensen/Tomasson)

• Principal pas de deux in 7 for Eight, principal in Aurora Polaris, Ballet d’Isoline, principal in Beads of Memory, principal in Con Brio, Concerto in D: Poulenc, Scarlatti movement principal in Criss-Cross, created role in The Fifth Season, Guiliani: Variations on a Theme, Quartette, Handel—a Celebration, principal in Silver Ladders, created role in pas de trois in Tuning Game, and Two Bits (Tomasson)

• Principal pas de deux and second pas de trois in Agon, Polyhymnia in Apollo, principal in Ballo Della Regina, principal in Bugaku, principal in Concerto Barocco, principal in Divertimento No. 15, principal in “Emeralds”, Sanguinic and 3rd theme in The Four Temperaments, Siren in Prodigal Son, Serenade, Stars and Stripes, Aria II in Stravinsky Violin Concerto, first and second movement principal in Symphony in C, pas de deux in Symphony in Three Movements, principal in Theme and


Variations, first movement principal in Western Symphony, and principal in Who Cares? (Balanchine)

• Thais Pas de Deux (Ashton)

• First movement principal and pas de deux in The Dance House, Job’s daughter in Job, The Sons of Horus, and The “Wanderer” Fantasy (Bintley)

• Carla in Ciao, Marcello; Connotations; Death of a Moth; Ibsen’s House; third movement soloist in In Perpetuum; Lambarena; and Violetta in Pulcinella (Caniparoli)

• Pas de trois from Divertissement D’Auber, Rich Girl in Filling Station, Jinx, Scarlatti Portfolio, demi-soloist in Variations de Ballet, and principal in Vivaldi Concerto Grosso (L. Christensen)

• Second pas de deux in Without Words (Duato)

• Principal in Artifact Suite; second principal in In the middle, somewhat elevated; and The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (Forsythe)

• The Kiss in Rodin (Jacobson)

• Pas de deux in The Comfort Zone, Dreams of Harmony, principal in The Ruins Proclaim The Building Was Beautiful, and principal in Terra Firma (Kudelka)

• Principal in Sighing Land (Laerkesen)

• Principal in Etudes (Lander)

• Created principal role in Elemental Brubeck and second movement in “...smile with my heart” (Lubovitch)

• Elite Syncopations (MacMillan)

• Pas de trois and first variation in Paquita (Makarova after Petipa)

• Grosse Fuge (van Manen)

• Calcium Light Night and The Waltz Project (Martins)

• Eden/Eden (McGregor)

• Principal in Gumbo Ya-Ya (McKayle)

• Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes, Maelstrom, Pacific, and Sandpaper Ballet (Morris)

• Damned, principal role in Magrittomania, pas de deux and first movement principal in Reflections, and created role in Study in Motion (Possokhov)

• Jellyfish and Dying Swan in Le Carnaval des Animaux and Orange and White Woman in Russian Seasons (Ratmansky)

• La Pavane Rouge (Redha)

• Novice in The Cage, Ballerina in The Concert, Blue in Dances at a Gathering, Harp in Fanfare, principal in Glass Pieces, principal in In G Major, second movement in In the Night, Interplay, and Anita in West Side Story Suite (Robbins)

• Pas de trois in Four Last Songs (Stevenson)

• Company B and Spring Rounds (Taylor)

• The third song in Tagore (Tetley)

• Russian Ballerina in Gala Performance and the second movement and pas de deux in Dark Elegies (Tudor)

• Naked, Maninyas, Tu Tu, and Falling (Welch)

• Continuum, Polyphonia, principal pas de deux in Rush, principal in There Where She Loved, and created principal roles in Within the Golden Hour and the Autumn section of Quaternary (Wheeldon)

• Created principal role, Underskin (Zanella)


• Nominated for Isadora Duncan Dance Award for Best Ensemble Performance in Robbins’ Glass Pieces during the 2006 Repertory Season.

• Recieved the Isadora Duncan Award for Best Ensemble Performance in Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering during the 2002 Repertory Season.

• Received the Isadora Duncan Award for Best Ensemble Performance in Forsythe’s The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude during the 2001 Repertory Season.


• Taught master classes at Orange County Center for the Performing Arts and University of California, Irvine, Fall 2008.

• Performed at the International Stars Gala in honor of Carlos Acosta, Valencia, Spain, June 2008.

• Served as ballet mistress for Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour, Adam’s A rose by any other name, and Liang’s Distant Cries.

• Taught at SF Ballet School and with the Company as ballet mistress for three works during the 2008 Repertory Season.

• Choreographer assistant for Christopher Wheeldon for premiere of Misericors at the Bolshoi Ballet, 2007.

• Taught at Bolshoi Ballet, 2007.

• Served as Yuri Possokhov’s ballet mistress/choreographer’s assistant for Magrittomania at the Bolshoi Ballet, 2004.

• Taught at the American Dance Academy in Maryland for one week in June 2003.

• Performed with Yuri Possokhov and other SF Ballet dancers in St. Petersburg and Tbilisi, Georgia, June 2002.

• Taught at the Briansky Ballet summer program in Saratoga, New York, 1999.

• Taught advanced students in San Francisco Ballet School (Level 7 and 8), fall/winter 1999, and June 2003.

• Performed Manon and the White Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake at gala in Bogota, Colombia with Ricardo Bustamante and “Stars of the San Francisco Ballet,” November 1997.

• Guest speaker and teacher at The Metropolitan Ballet, Maryland, 1997.

• Performed pas de deux from Le Corsaire and pas de deux from The Sleeping Beauty with Mikko Nissinen at “An Evening of Ballet Stars” in Detroit, 1995.

• Performed Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker with Mikko Nissinen and Shreveport Ballet, 1995.

• Taught beginning through advanced children at Briansky Saratoga Ballet Center, summer 1995.

• Performed Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker with North Carolina School of the Arts, 1994.

• Performed Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker with Mikko Nissinen in Detroit, 1993.

• Performed in Who Cares? (Balanchine) and Rodin (Jacobson) at the Reykjavik Arts Festival, Iceland, June 1990.

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